23 May 2007

TARC Mass Call 2007

Blogging from TARC's ICT lab, hah.

Hmm.... so finally friends who're taking diploma courses come and join me in TARC. But somehow things doesnt work as what I expected as the mass call is actually a very dull and boring event. I expect we can have the chance to talk with friends again while everyone wondering in the hall, but we're divided into guys and ladies to be seated inside the hall.

We PreU students are asked to head to the college hall at 12pm, as we PreU students are having mass call with other diploma students from School of Social Science and Humanities. While the event only begins around 1pm. Lots of briefings and speeches by the school officials, it lasted until 3.15pm for us PreU students. Those diploma students would have to wait til 4.30pm only can go back, hahaha.

Seriously, about 50% of the mass call briefings I've heard all of them during our PreU briefings last week. Oh well the condition in the hall somehow makes me feel sick, not mentally but physically.

In the end when I get home I'm suffering from mild fever. I think it's caused by the bad weather and uncertain temperature condition around the college. Not to mention, inside the hall have to squeeze with thousands of students, of course have to breath in unfresh air, if you know what I mean. After taking some medications I feel better.

Somehow after coming back from NS my health condition is going downhill. They say coming back from NS should be stronger and healthier but not for me. I keep on coughing badly and sneezing while I'm been placed in cold places like the lecturer hall and the classroom which are fully air-cond.
I dunno what went wrong in my lifestyle, for now I just hope that I can get enough rest and yea hopefully I can get well soon.

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