20 May 2007

First Week in A Level

Sorry for not updating this blog regularly, I'm just too tired to write anything these few days. The starting of A Level can be quite exhausting although the flexible time-table. Well this is what I think about the subjects and the lecturers so far....

General Paper
This subject is just like another Eng lesson, but the standard is higher than school level. My lecturer, Ms Marilyn so far looks like a very nice person, we enjoy the introduction class where we get to know each other. One thing I noticed is that she likes to assign task for us few minutes before the class ends. So far did the GP essay I've posted earlier, and second task is we've to find paintings from famous artists and print it out in full colour. I got the feeling that she'll assign more tasks for us when the lessons really kick-start after the holiday break.

One of my favourite subject, I've determine not to slack it! So far the lecturer, Ms Chong gives me good impression bout the class, but friends who've been taught by her warn me for her downsides. I dunno what will happen next but I'll find it out myself soon. We dont really start our lesson yet as we still cant make sure is there any reschedule for the time-table, anyhow we've asked to find info bout prokaryotic & eukaryotic cell structure. I dont really know what's these so I'll probably check it on the net.

Another favourite subject, probably the most important subject in Science. I think I can get use to it fairly quickly as I've good basic knowledge for the subject. Mr Chau being the lecturer had been very helpful, somehow I think I can do quite good for this subject. :)

Of all three Science subjects I'll fall for this one. Somehow, I will try to catch up this subject slowly. I know this is a difficult subject but I dont want to give up so fast! I'll see how far I can go in this subject before decide what's my next move. The lecturer Ms Ong is ok, but her teaching method is just average. I cant rely solely on the lecturer so I definitely have to work hard!

Maths, Applied
This subject is one of the division of the whole Maths subject. Maths(A) focus on Statistics and Mechanics maths. Personally I like Stats but might not like Mechs part. Again, I'll wait and see, and then try to figure out how to do things the right way. I kinda like the way Mr Yap, the lecturer taught us. I'm confident that I can do quite well in this paper, hopefully.

Maths, Pure
This subject is the continuation for our SPM Add Maths. At first this subject is like a revision to +Math but there's additional topics added in. Being a student of +Maths before, I know that this is not a subject to make a fool of. Work hard and study smart is the key to do well in this subject. The lecturer, however raises my doubt whether I can make it for the paper or not. It's just like back to school where teachers teach but students dont get the point, leaving students guessing and wandering. I hope the history itself wont be repeated again on us....

Well, this is just a temporary review. This is because after the 2 weeks holiday break (26 May - 10 June) we'll be allocated into other classes, that means change of time-table and lecturers. I just hope that I can get good lecturers in my class. Now I dont mind to have friends in the same class or not, because at this moment I prefer to work alone instead of having someone else join in. Somehow, I think that myself have become more selfish than before because the competitions are strong among ourselves.

Many had begin to think about dropping subjects. For me, I wont be dropping any subjects yet, as I wanna see how tough I can go and what subject is the hardest for me. I'll only decide what to do bout the subjects by next year.

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