07 March 2007

Quit job + NS

Picked up my registered letter from the post office this morning. I should have pick up this letter yesterday afternoon but no one's at home. Oh well.

So many forms inside the letter, and I've 2 useless forms in it too. Forms for postponement and exclusion. Now let's see what's the papers inside the letter then.

  • Guide book for NS.
  • Notification letter, with bus ticket.
  • Parent's approval letter for handling Colt M16 rifle.
  • Medical checkup forms.
  • Forms checklist.
  • 2 useless forms as I mentioned above.

    I'm required to open a bank account at Bank Pertanian. Why? To bank in the RM300 allowance. After I came back from NS, I will deposit out the money and close the bank. Mwahahaha!
    So now I'll have to go through the medical checkup and also open a bank account. Hmm....


    Today is the last day I work. After finish up the final Science notes, I inform the boss I'm quitting today. I might still help them some other things if they need it, and also I'll have to find my replacement to setup the Physic Form 5 notes. My possible candidate are Yee Kai or Tzu Woei, will ask them about the job when they get back from NS this Sunday.

    After taking my result on next week, I'll also have to rush to signup scholarship forms and application forms to nowhere. Really, those universities I wanted to needs a strong pre-U studies first. Now still considering A level or SAM.

    I have to decide lots of things by next week, settle down everything and leave this place for NS. 3 months, I will be away. Living without Internet? CRAP!!
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    1. good luck for ur spm result collection nx week ;)