08 March 2007


Yesterday night discussing bout the NS stuff with Wen Xin, and suddenly came out the idea today we go do the medical check up and open bank account together. It was a brave move I think, because I havent notify my parents bout it and also misunderstood some of the key points while we discussing today's schedule.

This morning pick up her near my house and went to the hospital with my father's car. Bad luck, while we wanted to settle our medical check up at the General Hospital, the staffs redirect us to an older premise named Wisma Record(aka Wisma Kayu), one of the earlier hospital building around and yet still functioning. Another bumper, the staff over there asked us goto the government clinic closer to our residential area to do the check up. What a joke!!

Hey, the NS is a plan proposed by the gov, right? And the General Hospital also serve as a public facility of the gov, right? Then why we cant do a simple medical check up in the main hospital of the capital? Isnt that a laughter or what? We're frustrated because of this reason, waited from 7am to 8am only to realise that we cant do it there. I still grumbling right now, we're asked to do the check up at a smaller premise while we're inside the largest hospital around the area? Brainless gov, poor communication between the ups and downs. <_<

What to do? We couldnt do the medical checkup early in the morning. So plan B, goto Bank Pertanian open up the bank account required by the council. At first I got the info that the bank is located somewhere near the city center, but after hop into the bus I noticed there's a branch of the bank located just a walking distance away from the hospital. Wasted 90 cent on the bus, hah.

We're the first customer of the bank this morning, after waiting for bout 30 mins before the bank allow anyone get in. Another 30 mins wait for the clerk to process our bank account application. I'm glad that the job is done without any much problem. :)

Took bus back to Desa Setapak. Wen Xin want to go back her house awhile so I entertain my stomach with a pao. I'm hungry, my breakfast doesnt provide enough energy for me to keep on walking for some distances.

We went to a smaller gov clinic at Jelatek, took us bout 2 hours and half to wait all the processes before we're finally asked to do the medical checkup by the doctor. The checkup lasted less than 15 mins, but we waited for 2 hours alrdy! Talk about efficiency huh.....

Settled everything at 1pm sharp. Took LRT back to Wangsa Maju, on the way back met few friends: Jia Hui's reading a book whilte waiting for her parents at the LRT platform, Wen Shiung, Angelina and Zhe Yuan were going somewhere else. It's nice to see one or two friends when going out. :)

Sent Wen Xin home, and then here I am, writing this blog while relaxing. Later gonna sleep, yesterday had problem with sleep again and today wake up at 6am..... (-__-")

What's next for my NS stuff? Prepare all the stuffs needed to bring there, gather some infos from friends who're coming back, all those stuffs I have to finish it the latest by next week.

I'm happy after all the troubles are settled, not just because of this, but for some reasons. I'm looking forward for day like this in the future, heh....

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