07 March 2007

Birthday Game

Hahah, nothing big happened today. Was grateful friends still remember today's my birthday, wishes me happy birthday through sms and MSN, thanks you peoples!

My last assignments I had now is almost done. Today completed 3 notes totally, and tomorrow have to finish up the last Science notes for Form 5s. I wonder whether I can quit earlier? After this I dont have any more notes to do. Maybe tomorrow it's my last day at work, heh.

Btw today just received Feb's wages. I might use the money to get a new pair of street shoe, current Adidas one is almost worn-out. I'm looking after these....

Budget within RM 200.

Actually yesterday planned to have a football training with friends, but was ruined badly by the rain. Today we almost cancel the game due to the same reason, but Chin Wei's diehard wanna play today. What to do? Play under the rain of course! To me, play football under the rain feels good! It's a good game, though I've strained my muscle. It should be ok after some rest, hopefully.

Talk about the party, my friends decided to held the party at Janice's house. Sorry for those who're looking forward to join the party, this party only welcomes my classmates from S3. Because this time I'm not the organiser and I'm using other's place, I can only follow their rules, if not surely I'll ask everyone I know come for the party!

I still havent receive any present for my birthday though, nevermind. The only present I hope is that I will score a good result for my SPM, which I'll be taking the result next Monday.....

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