05 March 2007

Few days before my18th birthday

Hold your birthday wishes just yet, I'm just living on this planet for 17 years and 364 days, so technically and biologically I could not declare myself as 18th yet. Heh.

Some friends asked whether this year I will have a birthday party bash, to their disappointment the answer is no. I do not really celebrate my birthday in any special occasions, I usually gone through the day doing things that I usually do, daily routines. Yeah, I do like a few wishes from friends, it would delight me. :)

Since I would have a low profile birthday, I seldom receive birthday gifts from anyone, except for the party I had last 2 years. Yea I've keep on mentioning that party, because that party rocks and it's one of the best birthday I ever had!
My parents just inform me that I will be treated for a dinner on the next day after my birthday at a Chinese restaurant near Pudu. I hope this would be a good treat, I love that restaurant's "Sichuan style chicken". :D

My birthday wish? Hahah basically wish is just a wish, if you ask what I want, now here's a wishlist. LOL

  • A new computer, capable to run Windows Vista Home Premium smoothly. Although CLH's Dell got this alrdy, but I'm eager to get a laptop with this Vista to support both my old Vikings and the new com. Combining XP + Vista = unexpected surprises I guess.

  • Nokia 5300. Hah I havent give up for this phone yet!

  • A Canon Ixus series camera. I love PowerShot, but then I prefer the more portable camera than the bulky counterpart which also produces good quality pics.

    I guess it will be another lonely birthday for me. til now I've nothing to complain and grumble about. Life goes on, as there's still lots of things awaiting me to settle down.

  • UPDATE(5 March):
    Many friends sms me asking whether I will be having party this year. Yea yea as I written above, I didnt plan to have a party, but things changed when Sam msg me. He says Toh Wai might help me to held a birthday bash this weekend, at the field behind my house.

    I thought, this isnt a bad idea! I can consider this proposal. Sam asked whether I prefer BBQ or steamboat, and I opt for BBQ because steamboat is more troublesome. Besides, I dont think my parents would be pleased if too many people come party at my home this time because I havent tell them yet. This time I plan to ask more friends to come over my place than the last time, this time I dont think I'll have guest limits.

    I think this Sunday, 11th of March is good for the party because 1st batch NS friends are coming back. Dunno whether they have the mood to party or not, but to meet them again makes me feel good. :)

    So now I still have to discuss with friends about it before I can finalise everything. We'll see, heh.

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