04 March 2007

2 more weeks before NS comes

Until now I still havent got my official notification letter from the NS committee. Hey, I expect I will receive the letters the latest by next Friday, 9th of March! You better send the letters quickly! Because I'm not the only one who's waiting for it!

Talk bout the camp I will be going, my aunt who's living in Sabah phoned me and give me some ideas bout the camp. According to her, that camp is one of the best camp available in Sabah. It's near to the sea(South China Sea), and also near mountainous region(Crocker range), so can be consider as good feng shu(有山有水). Also, the food provided from the camp is reasonably good.
According to my aunt, the camp is located somehow 30 mins drive away from the airport, so consider quite near from the city center.

I'm expected to stay in Sabah when there's a break during my NS session. I will be staying at my aunt's house near the Kinabalu mountain range. I've been there before in 1998, it took us 2 hours to get from the airport up to the house, kinda far but I like the views along the road. Sabah is one of my favourite place in Malaysia!! :D

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