04 March 2007

Free For All

Once again I'm able to continue write blogs as usual after spending semi-hiatus over the past few months. The reason? It's because sisters are lurking in this blog and giving me comments on this blog. Oh crap, I prefer to do it low profile and did not want anyone from the family to know this blog too much. I dunno why, although I dont really have anything to hide from anyone.

I still have 5 days left to complete my work. After this I'll have 1 week break to prepare to take SPM result and also settle last minute NS chores.
Sheez, the NS committee should've send the notification letters earlier, because all the 2nd batch trainees would have to do medical checkup, open bank account, stock up stuffs at the very last minute, which result human traffic jam.

Talk about taking SPM results, looks like my friends are eager and looking forward to take the result, so do I. I think the result will mean alot to me, because this result will reflect all my studies over the past few years in school, and also I need good result to apply for scholarship etc.
Also, I hope the SPM result will be a good birthday gift for myself, hahah....

This year's birthday I wont be celebrating anything I guess, another quiet birthday. I might be able to enjoy a chocolate cake if my mother happened to remember my birthday, heh. My last birthday party was 2 years ago, I regret I only manage to invite some of the closer friends but not all of them. Regrets would be somehow too late now.

My birthday? 6th of March. 6/3/1989, a good number combinations. You see, all the numbers can be equally divided by the number of 3.
3, 6, and 9 are my lucky numbers because all three numbers are present in my birthdate!. ;)

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