12 February 2007

Strange sense

Hmm.... just recently I found out that, 3 of us(siblings) are facing some sort of electronic problems. I think this is sort of unusual because all of our problem occur almost at the same time.

CLH's Motorola phone went mute, she couldnt listen to the other person while receiving/dialing calls. She's been using the phone for 3 years alrdy, can be considered antique in the world of mobile phones. Although the other functions like sms are still working, but what's the point you keep using a phone that could not talk to the other person?
Her laptop also have been an issue since last year, she wanted to change to a new laptop.

CLY's phone is also dead, well almost. Battery problem is a very common disease to kill a phone, moreover it's a China phone. I think she used the phone bout 1 year plus? I not so sure since she got it for free. Still, she needs a new phone badly.

CLF, me faces a bigger issue I think. Main computer down, with more than 1 complications. Although I mentioned the graphic card issue just now, but the DVD combo drive and the mouse are not functioning well. Other than the mouse, the other 2 hardwares have been serving me for quite some time, almost obsolete alrdy....

As you can see, the main factor all of our electronic gears are dying is because of their age. One should consider lucky to have a phone still functioning well for more than 3 years, and having a computer without too many hardware malfunctions through the period of 5 years also consider long life. I know that sooner or later we're gonna change all these gears, but I do not expect all of them 'die' at the same time!

Now that it's close to CNY, just 1 week away from the celebration, yet we're spending more money than usual to replace our old stuffs with the new ones. Some people change their stuffs annually, but for us we've learnt from our parents to maintain a stuff as long as we can, so we do not need to change all those gears frequently.

Now I'm considering replacing my graphic card for Vikings(main com), maybe add in some RAMs if it's affordable, and yeah maybe kick in somemore harddisk space.
Luckily my Pentium 4 processor is still working well, no complains from this 'heart' of the computer so far, well I really want this 'heart' can last til I can get a new computer. Oh and also, I want to backup all the important files in the main computer before anything goes wrong. At this stage I could not afford to lose all those datas. Else, I'm doomed!

I just learn something bout positive thinking. The more you think something good, the more positive things that will come to you. Well now I'm thinking of tomorrow I'm gonna replace the faulty graphic card and yeah, hopefully tomorrow evening I can back online with that main computer! :D

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