11 February 2007

Lots of Stories

Sorry for lack of update, I wasnt free to write much things this few days. Well this weekend lots of stuffs happened, some makes me laugh and some upsets me.

Friday, went to hospital early in the morning to do an X-ray scan on my jaw part. The dentist asked me to redo the scan because she said something's going wrong with my teeth that makes me couldnt take off the braces so soon, yet. The scan only lasted for 1 min, no big deal.

Afternoon went for a tour visit to the International Islamic University(UIA), guided by my aunt who's currently studying there. That university is surprising better than I expected when I went there for school's sports day years ago.

Saturday evening went up to Genting with family to watch Sir Cliff Richard's concert. Hard to believe that guy is 68 years old!! He still have the stamina of a 30+ young lad. So many luxurious cars turn out that night, the new Mercz S class, BMW 7 series.... etc. O_O

Later on that night after the show whole family went to karaoke to mess around til 2am. The karaoke is great!

Sunday morning came back and have lunch with relatives, the bak kut teh taste good, although there's too many people feasting on the meal.

Went back home to relax abit. Tried to start off the com Vikings but the graphic card issue mess up the whole screen. I dont think is the monitor's fault because it's still a fresh hardware. Open up the whole CPU casing and checked the graphic card.
I'm noob in hardware issues so I really have no idea what's the problem and how to fix it. After some brief cleanup on the hardware, I tried to reboot the computer and apparently the graphic card refuse to work.
Oh well, I've been using this card since Aug 2002, consider a good bargain after serving me for so many years. Sis suggested I replace the graphic card, add in RAM and then upgrade HDD space. Of course this project will consume lots of money, so I guess I'll replace it back by working harder and also annual earnings from CNY angpaos.

Sigh.... now I only can do things on this temporary substitute computer. Well it's better than nothing though, I'm glad that this substitute computer finally can get into action when the main com is dead, temporarily. I might consider getting a new computer, perhaps a notebook from Dell. No matter what, I think I will only think seriously about it after my NS.

Tomorrow gonna send the Vikings to computer shop, really have no idea how to fix it. Well hopefully, I can return to my normal computer life after replacing the aging graphic card.

Nvidia GeForce 440 MX
Aug 2002 ~ Feb 2007

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