09 February 2007

Hardware Issues

CLY finally solved the iPod nano misery. The solution? She plug into iTunes from her computer and then the iPod starts syncing! Things wouldnt go that well on my com, my problem is that I cant transfer songs from com to the iPod.
Since my computer is basically useless with iPod, so she'll be the new owner of the little gadget. I heard that her com was mess up by the iTunes though....

Today played computer as usual, noticed that the graphics displaying on the monitor are mess up when I play MapleStory and FIFA 2k5. I think there's something wrong with the graphic display since the LCD monitor works smoothly as usual and it's pretty new to be spoil in this way. Now downloading new driver for the old Nvidia drive.
Hmm..... the graphic card is one of the original hardware that still remain intact with the CPU since I got the computer in 2002, if the hardware in the computer continues to age, I guess I might make a switch? A brand new com loaded with genuine Windows Vista, hahaha.....

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