07 February 2007

Tactical Football

It's time I come and think about my game. Yea I'm a die-hard fan of football, I love to watch and play the game. Though I'm considered as an amateur player, well I still have lots of room of improvement.

Last week I played a friendly game with local Malays to train their U12 players, and of course there's adult players who join in to heat up the game. I played as center forward that day, I'm still trying to improve my ability to master that position.

After that day's game, I've been analyzing my traits and skills playing the game. Here's some of my thoughts on my own game....

  • I should train harder on basic ball control and dribbling skills. One of my weakness during the game is that I tend to pass the ball to others instead of bringing the ball into the attacking position myself. I need to learn how to break-through defences, trick the opponents and then score in style~ :D

  • My right foot is my primary weapon, well I could develop my left foot into another lethal weapon as well. I've noticed that sometimes if I shoot with left foot I might score a surprise goal. I usually use left foot to pass but I rarely use it for long range shoot. I guess that's why I've problem to play down the left flank.
    How can I improve my left foot? I think first I'll start with basic ball controls by volleying the ball, then later maybe try to play some passes with friends. Well, it'll be sometime from now before I can make full use of my both feet on the field.

  • I need to head the ball precisely. Heading the ball isnt a big problem, but it's crucial when I need to score from a header. I think my height is OK to head, just that I need to learn some more detailed skills to ensure that my header goes where I want it to be. Maybe someday I might try diving header....

  • Goalkeeping is been one of my natural talent when it comes to the game. Recently I've been playing as normal player more than goalkeeper, but I'm still quite sharp when handling the goal. If I can master how to make a diving save, I guess I can be a formidable keeper, mwahahaha!!

  • Pace and stamina, I might be able to sprint for a short distance, but I cant hold my breath if I'm running for a longer distance. I'm the kind of player that I'll rush to the ball and would be easily wore off by the opponent. So to maintain a stable pace and stamina is vital for my game.

  • I love to tackle the opponent, that's what I do few years back. Now I do not tackle the opponent that often, and less slide tackle nowdays as I think that trick can hurt both myself and the other player. I think I will only tackle a player when we're in dangerous situation.

    That's what I can think of now, might update something more interesting bout my game when I have the time. Ciaoz.
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