12 February 2007

SPM result's releasing date?

I've heard 2 rumours bout the result-announcing date for the SPM exam which I took last year.

1st rumour from ChinWei: 12 March 07.
2nd rumour from Adelaide CSW: 28 Feb 07.

My guess: sometime when 1st batch of NS trainees return and sometime before 2nd batch(my turn) NS trainees report duty to the camps. If that's it, then it'll be sometime around 12 March til 16 March.

Last year if not mistaken 2nd batch NS trainees got their results few days after joining the camp. I think it'll be better if everyone can get the results at their own school, be together again with all those friends to share the feelings of getting the result.

When it comes to the result, I got the feeling that somehow I might strike at least, 10 As out of 12 subjects I took. And hopefully, my dream of the SPM result last time will be a false alarm.
All 3 language subjects get As, I surprisingly get an A for Moral and both my Maths scores B.
I hope this cant be truth huh.... hahah


  1. ya..i heard bout de rumour oso. vr worried althought i always say over is over we can do nothing bout it.

  2. Most likely around the beginning of March.

    But then, aiyah... 10A's in SPM is not a big matter. Last time I thought I will get 9 G's, but turned out another side.