13 January 2007


Recently I didnt update this blog as often as I used to be, because basically I almost turned into a robot. Things went on days by days, repeating the same thing all over again. Nvrmnd bout it, soon this robotic life will be replaced by more interesting stuffs going on.

This weekend is a busy weekend. I've few events have to attend, so basically I've only half-day Saturday to relax, and a whole day outside on Sunday.

Have to do some touch up works and work ET on Sat, then later evening attend 3T's BBQ party at his house.
Sunday, morning football game as usual. Noon, have lunch appointment with father's friends or so. Later going to Summit USJ there wonders around while my father attend the company event there. At night, went KLIA fetch CLH who're coming back from Shanghai. Just make sure she's on board the flight that day.

Next Tues, got my dental appointment. Hopefully I can take off the braces this time and start to chew a chewing gum. It's been 3 and half years since I last chewed a gum.

Some juniors are asking the seniors to go back school next Friday for the co-cu day. It's been a month+ since I left the school, so I'm planning to take leave from working and went there to have a look, new life in Chong Hwa.

I guess that's all I can talk about now. Ciao.

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