11 January 2007

NS Hell?

Just now after work, spend some time have a cup of tea with buddy Sam, who start working with me today. Apparently, he still have keep in touch with some friends who're currently "enjoying" the National Service programme. Manage to get some fresh news bout those friends, great!

First of all, almost all my friends who went to report on the 1st of Jan are affected by the terrible transportation arrangement made by the council/organisation or whatever it is. Xiung, who arrived at the report ground at 9am morning, suppose to take the plane to Sarawak sometime around noon, but because of the transportation issue his flight was delayed til 4.30pm, and he only manage to on board the plane by 7pm. I can feel that this is sure a tiring journey, torturing individuals physically and mentally, not a good start.

Ok, so camp life over there sucks, according to the account of my friend. Hmm.... Francyne and May Chee are drafted into the same camp, but was separated into different groups, so these 2 best friends can only met each other during meal time. Well, I heard most of the girls spend the eating time cry rather than eat. It seems that they cant get use to the environment and the discipline regulations, kinda stressful.

Some parents went to visit the trainees on the next day. One of my friend, Sai Keong, famously known as the hyperactive guy in my school, went crazy when he saw his parents. What Sam told me was, Sai Keong ran towards his parents from his camp(somewhere near hillside) and hug them tightly, like it's their final meeting or so.... lol.

Well I can understand, trainees are suffering because of the stress in the unfamiliar environment, being left alone in a middle of nowhere with strangers, who wouldnt freak out? In this case, it's important to have friends to be in the same place, at the same time. Well, as for girls the crying couldnt end just yet, it's like a chain reaction, when one of them start sobbing, others will start as well and it's hard to ask them to stop. Talk about nuclear chain reaction huh....

Ok back to both the girls. So Francyne's parents went to the camp to visit her, like other parents too. I dunno whether May Chee's parents are going there too, but MC just couldnt overcome the emotional feeling and started to hug Francyne's parents like her own. Gee.... those girls really went crazy there. @_@

So far I only got the news from few girls and 2 guys. Still eager to know how's life with the other friends though. I'm going there next few months so.... have to be mentally and physically prepare a bit, at least I try not to freak out like the trainees suffering now.

In NS camp, trainees are being treated 6 meals a day. That is, breakfast(7am), recess break(9.30am), lunch(12pm), tea-break(4pm), dinner(7pm) and supper(10pm). I dunno those are the exact time or not, but I guess the time is just nice to fit in 6 meals in a day.

I've some experience for being alone in a group of strangers for quite some time, I hope that the experiences I gained somehow can help me to overcome mental sickness, and also to adapt the new environment fast enough to get things going on smoothly. I still have to wait til next month only know where I'm going though....

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