10 January 2007

Let's talk about cars

I'm a fan of the German cars Mercedes Benz, BMW and recently Audi. The Germans build car in a very high standard, there's some reasons why German cars itself can outdo the other European car makers.

For guys, looking at cars is just one of the essential interest a guy should have, like the interest in sports. For some reasons I found that it's hard to describe the elegance of a car with words, have a look of the cars by yourself and judge it. You see, different people have different taste, right? :D
* Click for larger pics.

BMW 7 series

Mercedes Benz S class

Mercz S class with it's big brother, Maybach 57/62 on the left, another proud German product.

Unfortunately recently Merc unveiled the new Ocean Drive concept, which in my opinion looks bad.
The car is just too, odd design?

I think I'm gonna wait 'til at least 25 years more before I can own anyone of these cars. :S

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