14 January 2007

3T Grill Party

I was suppose to attend this party last week, but it was postponed because the host, 3T is down with flu. Oh well, luckily I was being informed bout the changes 1 day before, if not I'll be the water fish(水鱼) go there.

I was afraid that the BBQ have to postpone again this time because the sky is crying. I've made a stupid mistake too.... I rush into a LRT train before the door shuts, but then only realise that the train is moving to the opposite direction I wanted to go. Luckily this is just a very minor yet silly mistake, I've manage to take care of it by transfer the other train at the next station. How stupid I am...

At least, in the end I make it to the destination. Later on 3T's mother fetch me and some other friends to their house. To my surprise, Setiawangsa area actually is a very beautiful residential district, overlooking the skyline of KL city center. If I got the chance next time, I'll bring my cam and snap some photos there during daytime.

The BBQ settings are being set in the indoors, and 3T's father is BBQing the meat. Mmm.... the sausages and the chicken chop taste so good, that I mistaken the food was prepared by restaurant chef. It's really good, I think this is my first time to enjoy such wonderful BBQ meal!

Later on we proceeded to play some electronic games. Too bad 3T's Mac is sent to repair, I could try it. PS2's the only solution for us, as 3T's bro is playing the computer.

Played DragonBall, NFS Underground 2, Crash Bandicoot & WWE Smackdown. I've no luck with those games, as I'm not used to PS' DualShock controller. Heh, watching Bigshow 619'd Rey Mysterio is one of the funniest moments we had, and also amused by the tiny Mysterio chokeslammed BigShow! Hahah.... great game!

I'll be looking forward for the next gathering at his house again, if I'm being invited again. I really love those food, really nice. :D

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