15 January 2007

Busy Sunday

Morning force myself to wake up at 7.15am. Prepare for football, yeah!
I'm glad that today quite a few more faces appears during the game. But too bad, some primary kids are using the field and we could only play the game til 9.30am and stop.
It's a nice game though, I've managed to score 1 goal. It's a tiring game, although we only play for bout 1 hour instead of usual 2 hours. I've stupidly missed a great chance by volley the ball over the post, duh!

Followed parents to Sentul there to have lunch, around 12.30pm. My primary school, Mun Yee is planning to held another fund-raising event to build a hall, so today went to observe the hall that will be used to held the even, sometime in April. That hall suppose to be another primary school's hall, but to me it looks like a conventional hall rather than a usual school assembly hall.

Next destination, Summit USJ. Father's involved with some activities over there, so I went to wander alone in the shopping mall. For my standard this shopping mall isnt that bad, but still have rooms to improve. Bought 2 CDs at the Popular shop. Cost RM20 for, quite cheap I guess. Father bought 100 CNY cards because he says later on he've no time to buy it. He said every year he dont have enough CNY cards to use...
Left USJ around 5.45pm and head to KLIA. It's just 30 mins journey from there.

Waited for 2nd sis, CLH for 1 hour at the airport. Blame it on the luggage claiming wasted so much time. Went for dinner at the restaurant behind my school. Great meal.

Back home, have to setup wiresless connection again after I disable it for half a year. Faced a minor problem when trying to startup the wiresless router, but the prob is solved, phew~

Elder sis CLY just informed me that she've got my Chinese New Year new cloth. At least this time my mother dont need to grumble that I always wear either too black or too white for CNY. Hahah.... I've been thinking of getting this jersey since last year World Cup 06
Got this pic from her MSN display pic.
Better look at the jersey.

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