16 January 2007

Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday I was too tired. Sleep at 12.30am last night, and this morning wake up at 11.30am!! Slept for 11 hours, I dunno how come I can sleep til so late recently. Oh crap, I'm late to work!
It turn out that the 3 alarms I've set, 2 was deactivated by a bug in the phone, and the last resort alarm is too soft to wake me up. Crap.

Luckily my work is kinda flexible, it's like nothing when I reach there before 12pm. More friends are joining me to work, now Weng Joe and 3T's coming to work, but they seems to have problem to deal with computer. I guess I've to teach them some of the basics then.
Today finished 2 set of Science notes, great! Because I'm late for work today, so I extend another hour working til 5pm only go back.

Tomorrow's going to meet with my old "nemesis" again, that is the dentist. Again, I hope that tomorrow I can finally remove the brace after putting it on for nearly 3 years ++!! If I really can take off the braces tomorrow, the first thing I'll do is get a chewing gum and chew it!! :D

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