28 January 2007

Perth, Australia 3

Yesterday the wedding ceremony of my cousin went pretty smoothly throughout the entire day.

Over here in Perth everyone was expecting unfavourable weather condition(too hot), but then it drizzles a little and the cloudy weather makes it perfect for the wedding. It's shady, so the guests arent feeling too bad, and a little bit of sunshine is just nice for photoshooting sessions.

The evening dinner at Tawarri, well what can I say? For westerners maybe this is their ideal setting for wedding ceremony, but for some Chinese maybe this isnt really a practical ceremony. :S
I expect that the meal quality can be improved, because to be honest this meal is below my expectations.

All the folks in the family are happy with the wedding. My grandparents are pleased, so do my uncles and aunts. Once again, best of wishes for both Steph and Kev, the newly married couple! :D

Today went for a cruise on the Swan Valley. Not so bad, the food served on board is nice as well. It's been some time I didnt eat curry, so I eat lots of mutton curry.

Hmm.... I will be back sometime evening on the 30th of Jan, Tuesday. Oh well, it's just 2 more days to go back to KL..... Alright mate I'll sign out now, adios~

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