29 January 2007

Perth, Australia 4

Tomorrow going back to KL already. Dunno whether I'm in time to attend Toh Wai's birthday party or not.... It's great that when I get back I can meet some friends immediately, it feels good.

Luckily today the weather isnt too hot, if not all of us have to be BBQed by the sunshine. Today went shopping for some goods. It's the last day here, so everyone's looking foward for this shopping. The Garden City Mall is a great place to shop, the pricing is more reasonable than other places we've been. Even if we convert the currency into MYR, it's still quite reasonable to shop.

Dunno why, relatives are crazy bout sunglasses, especially those Polaroid sunglasses. I bought one cheaper one few days ago, cost AUS$ 10 only. Anyhow, bought a SimCity 4 game, cost AUS$ 20, consider to be cheap for an original game and even cheaper than the ones available locally.

It's just so fast.... going to go back Malaysia soon..... This is a nice place, I think I will be back here sometime, someday.....

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