26 January 2007

Perth, Australia 2

2nd day staying here, kinda get used to the things over here. It's still very hot during daytime, and sun only sets around 8pm local time.

Today went to Sorrento Quay, a popular beach area situated at the western coast of Perth. It's a perfect place for those who loves to play with the water. The sea, Indian ocean is clean and clear, it makes me feel like wanna jump into the sea and swim to cool down, heh.
Lunch is Hong Kong dim sum and fish n' chip. Dim sum was great, and the fish n' chip is nothing to shout about. Bought a pair of sunglass there for AUD$10, I still can make use of it back in Malaysia. :)

Tonight's going to have BBQ dinner at relative's house. Later at night might have fireworks show to celebrate Australia's National Day.

Tomorrow's going to be the main event of the entire trip, my cousin's wedding party. The whole day we'll be celebrating the wedding party til night, around 11pm.

That's the update for today, ciaos.

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