04 January 2007

College Life?

Some of my friends are starting A level today, at TARC. Hmm.... according to them it sounds fun. Well lucky those fellas, no need to worry bout National Service, can change to college life so fast. I wish I could join them but NS ruined everything to me.

Right now I still thinking what course should I study in TARC. A level science combo B, or journalism diploma?
A level used to be my first choice but it's unrelated to the course I want to take for degree.
Whereas journalism, I think is a good idea as a stepping stone for sociology and humanities, but father wasnt too keen I choose that course. Although others say that I might take the path of my family members, but what I want to do in the future is somehow not so closely related to journalism and so on.
Sociology, humanities..... ahh!! Too bad these courses are "rare" in local institutions. Even if it's available, either the fee is too expensive, or the institution is too far away.

My nearest bid is at TARC, close and affordable fees. Plus, lots of friends plan to study there as well. I've to make up my mind at the next TARC open day, sometime in Feb or March?

P/S: 2 more post to hit 1k counter. Heheh.

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  1. Oh, college life eh... College life you can get it anywhere... But TARC is different, it is a campus, largest campus in KL... Which when you are in it, you can feel the campus life in a city..