04 January 2007

Second day work

After yesterday finish up the chapter 5 notes, today I finish up chapter 6 Variations notes. Hmm.... since I've experience doing the notes, this chapter I manage to finish the notes around noon. Great.

The staff wanted to assign me to do Physics notes, but later Mr Goh the boss/mentor asked me to do typings, since he know I'm can do the best in typing. Haha.... typing... my favourite part of the entire job!!
Typing F4 Bio exercises and answers, still have piles of files I've to type into the computer though.

Tomorrow gonna continue those typings, and I doubt I can finish all those files in just a day. I shall leave some files and finish it all by next week.

So fast.... tomorrow gonna be 3rd day working! So far earned RM40, hehe....

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