03 January 2007

First Day Work

The night before today I had a little problem to fall asleep. Perhaps I'm getting nervous because this is the first time I do something to earn money, all by myself.

Luckily I didnt oversleep, wake up at 10am sharp. After breakfast and brush ups, walk to the working place, my old tuition center Suria.

I've been assigned into a corner in a small room, where only about 4 or 5 ppl can fit in the room at the same time. Nevermind then, because only 2 people working inside there, me and the other friend who introduce me for this job.

First assignment, finish up the notes for F5 Bio, chapter 5 Inheritance. Spent 1 hwhole day to finish it. Nice... Well I faced a little problems while doing the notes because I've to interpret the contents in my mind from Malay to English, I learnt those things last year in Malay, and this year's F5 are learning in English. Still, doesnt slow me down that much. ;)

I settled my lunch by eating just a bread, because I'd breakfast earlier but soon realised that I need more food to keep my stomach happy in order to continue work. Nevermind that, tomorrow I'll eat more. Hahah...

So tomorrow gonna finish up chapter 6, Variations. I hope I will be assigned a typing job soon, because I'm more familiar touching a computer keyboard instead of cutting and pasting notes again and again.

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