16 December 2006

TAR College

The full name is Tunku Abdul Rahman College, not tar... the kind of oil used to make the road....

Yesterday, walk to TARC to search for infos regarding further study over there. TARC isnt that far away, 45 mins walk from my house, heh.

Some friends are going there too, S2 gangs are like unseperatable group that always go anywhere in a whole bunch of ppls. Oh well, I prefer to be alone though, because I dont want others' influence while making decision.

Here's the courses I'm considering to take.

  • Mass-Communications: Journalism diploma
  • My family has a good background on this course. Sis used to study this course at TARC too, so I'm confident taking this course. I think this course is also a stepping stone to further study sociology in degree level, at some oversea universities I suppose? If it's possible, I'll fly to Eu or US.

  • GCE A level in Science
  • Before going to the TARC open day exhibit, this looks like a certain choice. But then science subjects somehow not related to sociology so.... If I'm taking this course, then I'll have these subjects: General Paper, Maths T, Physics, Biology, Chemistry. Oh all these, I prefer GP, Bio & Chem, that's it.

  • Science: Chemistry & Biology diploma
  • I've been thinking of taking this course when I chose to take Science stream in F3. 2 favourite subjects, double major. They say this course is harder than the others because these 2 science subjects require more skills and hardworking to complete it. But then again, it is not related to my 1st choice course, sociology.

    How ironic, out of 3 courses I plan to take at TARC, only 1 of them is beneficial to my further study for sociology. Of course, it's possible if I still continue study Sociology later without the base, but it'll be kinda struggling at the beginning.

    Should I've made decisions or not, if I've got nowhere to go, I guess I'll stick back to my old school Chong Hwa to complete STPM course in Form6, which is far cheaper but then harder. STPM, my last resort.

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