15 December 2006

Genting Highlands

I've been away for pass few days to join my friends to enjoy some cool air on top of Genting Highlands. The whole trip was fun, and thankfully nothing awful happened during the whole trip.

It starts with.... 12 Dec Tues, I meet up with friends at LRT Wangsa Maju around 1215pm. Journey up to the Skyway station was smooth, bus and LRTs are operating normally. But then our nightmare starts when we reach the Skyway station.....

The entrance to the Skyway cable car was packed with people. It happaned that like everyone else, we chose to go aboard at the very wrong time, the peak hour that is after the lunch time. Ah well, we've to wait for 1 hour & 30 mins before we can claim a gondola of our own to march to the top of the highlands.

On the way from the LRT station to the hotel room, we've met many schoolmates from the school. The Form6s, E classes, and so on. I've expected to see some familiar faces up there, and yes it meets my expectations. Ahah, Genting is like a pilgrim world for Chong Hwa students, 'eh?

Now this is the colorful hotel we're staying.
The First World Hotel.
Genting First World Hotel

Thanks to JinXiang & his father, we manage to book 3 rooms with special discounts. 7 people stay in 3 rooms, including breakfast, and each of us only need to pay RM60 for that, cheap isnt it?

Price tags on Genting are higher than the downhill price tags. Food & beverage here cost at least twice than the normal price we see back in KL. Because of this, we chose to "eat ourselves" by eating junk foods(snack & instant noodle). The only 'deluxe' meal we had is at the Pizza Hut. They say the price differs a little than the normal Pizza Huts down here so, considered as worth the money we pay for the pizzas.

We only start playing at the outdoor theme park on the 2nd day. ChinWei and his crazy friends arrived and went to the theme park at the same day too, so I've 2 bunch of friends I can mess around to play the theme park games.

Misty theme parkMisty theme park
One of my favourite rides near the entrance. The weather in the theme park change quickly as you can see in the 2 pics. It's just a matter of seconds before the mist warp up everything in the theme park.

The FunKart(Go-cart) is fun, I've managed to secure no.1 spot while racing with others. Nice, the cart no12 is the cart I drive. Many say the karts are slow, it is, but it's also possible to win the race with some skills. My opinion is that you never touch the break pedal unless you're parking the car. Hit the accelerator pedal all the way~~, and yeah plus some fancy skills it'll be better to win it in style. :D

Later on I meet up with the crazy gangs and joined them for a ride to Pirate Ship. Like many other rides, it doesnt look attracting at first but once you play it, you'll only know the fun of the game. This ride rocks!!

The old Pirate Mansion ride is boring, wasted 15 mins to wait for it, and then come out from the ride less than 2 mins. Yawn~

Because of health issue I didnt play extreme rides like the Corkscrew and the Space Shot. I played Corkscrew before when I was a kid and I didnt feel comfortable after that. So it's good to avoid those extreme games as my friends dunno how to handle anything IF something goes wrong on me...
Space Shot

The flagship Corkscrew roller coaster track.

Misty theme park
Late afternoon at the outdoor theme park. Misty....

Later at the evening, we played Sg Rejang water flume ride, which I regard as one of the best rides I ever had. Water splashes, and high speed downfall, left everyone wet, regardless how well you tried to stay dry, heh.
Right after we get out from the water splashes, we went for the Rolling Thunder Mine coaster. Another fun ride, but high fellas have to watch out, as the iron beams are quite low at some point and maybe can cause serious injury if struck the beam.
Last ride for me, the Flying Dragon. Played this before, noticed the track modified into longer track. The only ride I do not have to prepare for sudden downfall like the other coasters did.

2nd days was a fun but tired day. I sleep at 12am eventhough the gangs are planning to gangbang ChinWei. GGz... Oh well I've problem to sleep because I can easily be awaken by lights and sounds.


3rd day, it's time back to KL. It was a fogy day.

Genting SkywayGenting Skyway
The 2 pics show that how low is the visibility from the Skyway gondola. Sort of like, one way ticket?

In the end, I really enjoy this trip. I guess this is the only time I can play those theme park games and really enjoy the rides, because before this I only came with family, and you know some parents are too restricted and too protective to let us play those stuff. This time, exciting and fun is the reply to the parents. Heheh....

Something I'd like Genting to take notice....
  • Improve the noise-reduction within hotel rooms. Some asshole are not considerable for other's, playing and shouting in the room, disturbing other patrons, which sux.
  • Some rides that used to be the big hit in the theme park, is outdated already. They should either improve the quality of the ride, or replace it with something else.
  • Building paints are fading. If this is the answer for the tourist who're coming up here, they'll be disappointed with the terrible building exterior view.
  • Dont you think it's a little messy in the First World Plaza? I think there's something wrong with the planning. It'll be better if they take the shopping mall concept like in the Suria KLCC or MidValley Megamall, which is more spacious. Oh yea, FWP is a little too dark, even during daytime.
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