17 December 2006

Next on the traveling list....

Phew, just after bout 1 week coming back from the Genting trip, I've to prepare for another trip to Hainan isle, China with my family.

Hainan isle(海南岛), is an island located at the southern region of China mainland. It's considered to be the southern tip of China. The climate is tropical climate, so it's warm and humid over there, just a little difference from the South East Asia countries nearby.

This time going there for 6 days, that mean I'll miss this com for another week. I estimate that when I get back here, I'll have at least 500 emails waiting for me to either read it or delete it, heh.

26 Dec only come back to KL, means that this time I'll miss the Xmas celebration with friends in KL, sigh.... Last year's Xmas wasnt a good one, spent Xmas eve night writing a 2000 words essay which havent been published yet, and on the Xmas day 2005 I became a wanderer in the city of Taipei. If I still could remember, I've to check thousands of emails in the mailbox when I get back. It's a nightmare..... :(

Anyway, I plan to get a new pair of football boots over there, if it's possible. Hmm.... can only shop for that on the final day of the trip, and have to gamble with the quality too. China products, either you can use it for a very long period, or you've it spoil just after few times using it. I still trust the quality of the stuff over here in Malaysia.

Still got few days to go, before I away again....

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