31 December 2006


Saturday afternoon after I came back from football, my mother told me that the tuition center staff called and asked me to have a briefing before I start my work on the next Wednesday. After some clean up I went there to find the person in charge.

The staff took me into a small lot with computers. 2 friends are working there though. Yeen Yeah, the ex-primary schoolmate who asked me to work here, and senior Hui Yi are working in the lot. One typing notes for primary students while the other one doing F5 Chemistry notes.

I've been informed to prepare Physic notes. My job is simple, take one of the best reference book available, copy & cut & paste the notes on an A4 paper. Later, refer to other books. If there's a better notes, then replace the better notes with the one on the paper. If the formula in one of the book is easier to remember, then use that formula equation.

Well, I guess I cant complain much. However I do prefer to work on other subjects I'm interested like Bio, Chem or Geo. Also, I want to prove myself by taking over the typing part. It's no problem for me to type, except that I might type slower in Chinese because have to get use to the different system and also getting the correct pinyin.

I'm gonna start work next Wednesday, from 11am to 4pm. It'll be a RM4/hour job. I dont have any comment on the wage as I'm just here to learn something new and gain some experience, as well as filling my emptiness staying at home facing the computer for 12 hours++. :)

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