31 December 2006

Few more hours to 2007

Post no. 991 on the blog, I regret that I didnt update this blog as often as I expected. Yea, blame myself for the slack. 9 more post and I'll hit the 1000th post in this blog, since I started to write this in Nov 2004.

So.... year 2006's coming to it's end, literally. When I look back all the things I've done this year, I've a little mixture of emotions. Happy, because I've completed the 11 years Malaysian Education course, but sad because I've to leave my 2nd home, the school and also separated from friends after the final exam. I regret that I should've done something more back in the school, to increase my certificate tally.

Sometimes when I think of myself, I knew that I've lots of potentials and abilities to outshine the others, but I either give up the opportunity or didnt try my best in some occasions. Well, it's too late to regret, outside the school there's the big world where you can learn almost anything you didnt learn in the school.

Tonight at 0020 hours, I shall repeat something that I've done last year, exactly the same time. It's better not to disclose too much bout what I'm up to, but if you're smart enough it's hidden somewhere in this blog, just a few clicks away. :P
Should I succeed or fail in any circumstance, I'll learn another lesson in my life, and begin another new chapter of my life in the new year, 2007.

Happy New Year!!

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