29 December 2006

Football Game

My favourite game, favourite moment to release all the pressure. Those who're playing against me are unfortunately will be "killed" by my lust, no matter who that guy is, let it be my friend or foe.

I'll show no mercy when dealing with the obstacles. And yes, I dare to do a hard tackle on anyone if I'm that desperate to gain possession of the game.

Of course, I do made mistakes on the field, one of my weakness is I couldnt lay a good pass from the wing side, either left or right. Therefore, I prefer to play in other position other than wingers.

Alright, Saturday's game is a time I tested my new boots. The same problem still occurs, I've trouble to kick the ball higher. Also, I felt that the boots is too tight, the previous boots are wider and much more comfortable. I dunno whether is the leather's problem, but this new boots are based on synthetic leather instead of organic leather on normal football boots. I still have to learn something bout the synthetic leather.

First half of the game doesnt look good for my team. At this half we're playing on 1 goal, applying the rule like 3on3 basketball does. My team seems to have problem scoring goals, either we hit the post or went off target. I stupidly missed a penalty, I should've concentrate on where I should put the ball goes instead of kick the ball instantly to the keeper's direction.

While we're resting and prepare for the 2nd half, a Malay guy shows up. Amir, the guy whom I played with him once few months back. Coincidentally he's wearing the same boot as mine, but his boot is a better version, the Absolion.

After the introduction of Amir on my side, we changed the gameplay to become a full field game instead of half field game we played earlier. We chose 3T to be the keeper, which is a wrong decision. I'm playing the center foward role, along with Joey, in my opinion best attacking partner I have.

Few moment after the game starts, we've alrdy conceded few goals because of error in judgment by the keeper. Right.... I'm fire up.

I've few collisions with the opposition team, and I fall on the ground more than I usually do in previous games. Luckily I didnt suffer from any injuries.

Game on, finally I've manage to struck the ball into the goal. First goal, a series of bad defending plus an off-guard keeper allows me to volley in my 1st goal. I couldnt remember much of the 2nd goal settings but I know I scored again with another volley. I'm better at volleying ball than kicking the ball from the ground, heh.
Hat-trick, keeper mis-throw the ball to my direction and I slot into the corner with right foot, 3 goals to my name, YEAH!!
Joey struck few times too, but many flies off target. Anyway he still manage to score few goals.

The only problem I've in the 2nd half is that, the new guy Amir doesnt seem like to pass the ball to others. He prefers to dribble the ball alone and then lost it while he can pass and let us score. He still manage to get 1 goal into his name.

Game ends sometime at 11am. I'm satisfied, the new boots live up to my expectations in the end. Fulfill another goal, to score hat-trick in every game. Hahah!!

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