27 December 2006

4 stories in a day

Story 1: Primary school gathering 2006.

Another year, another friends gathering. This year's gathering to me is, not as good as what I expected. Oh well, some friends only contact me telling that they arent available for the gathering at the last minute. The reasons of not coming? Working, traveling or no reasons at all. Sigh....

This year, only 13 out of 50 ex-classmates attended the gathering. It's hard to have everyone gather together and have some fun. A friend, Kai Neng suggested the we make the next gathering as a travel trip to somewhere. I do concur this idea but it has to go through lots of planning.

The pizza meal cost RM75.67, for 2 large pizza, 2 garlic breads & 2 jug of coke. Expensive 'eh? I should've order the combo meal but I've made the order and too lazy to turn down the order. Lots of money flew away just like that. Crap, another less satisfying primary gathering this year....

Mun Yee gathering 2006.


Story 2: Part-time work.

After the gathering, I walked down to the tuition center I used to go and ask for part-time job. My friend Yeen Yean is working there and she offer me for the job. RM4/hour, not so bad I guess. I plan to work on weekdays, from 11am to 4pm, 5 hours. If I follow this rate, I'll be able to earn RM100/week. Better and faster than Google Adsense, hahah!

What do I need to do? Just setup the tuition notes for the juniors, typing & scanning.
I think it's a good way for me to keep in touch with some friends and teachers who used to teach me in the tuition center. Might start working next week Wednesday, when the juniors are busy back in the tuition center.


Story 3: New football boots.

It's time to replace my faulty football boot. Because I couldnt get a new one in Hainan, I've to come back here and get it. I shopped at Jusco, lots of varieties for me to choose, including Puma V5.06, Nike Legend & Adidas Absolado. In the end I still chose Adidas because it's the cheapest boots I can get in there.

Adidas Predator +Absolado Cardinal Red DB TRX FG.

This boots cost me RM 168, original price RM 240, discount 30%. I chose red because it's one of my favourite color in football & as a successor for my earlier Devilish Red Predator Pulsado.

Tested the boots by playing a game with double J brothers, Joseph & Jonah. Not so bad, but I still have to figure out how to kick a high ball, as most of the balls I shot are low drives.


Story 4: Laggy net.

Hmm.... the earthquake that struck southern Taiwan somehow affected the Internet cable in the region, and thus making the Net in Malaysia unstable. Some international websites arent available for the surfers. Hmm.... no wonder this morning I felt the net is kinda laggy.

According to TVBS news, the repair project will have to take at least 3 weeks to finish. Sigh.... well hopefully things can be solved as soon as possible, because billions of people are affected.

The quake hits southern part of Taiwan, damaging Kenting 垦丁, a place where I really like during my visit to Taiwan last year. Sigh.... so many things happened in just 1 year. I'm glad I'm able to visit there before the sceneries destroyed by the quake.

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