15 November 2006

SPM 1 - First Blood

Chinese paper I had, in fact everyone in the school have to take this subject, a mandatory subject in the school.

I'm more concern for this paper than the other 2 languages subject, BM and Eng. One of the reason is that the marking standard for Chinese paper is much higher than the other 2 papers. Because this paper is taken mostly by chinese, so we want to maintain the standard of the paper. I heard to get 1A, the minimum marks will be 90, and 2A minimum 80 marks. Kinda higher than the other papers.

Chinese paper I
2 essays, I wrote 1 formal letter and 1 factual article.

The letter is about a complaint to local police department, regarding the social problems happening in the residential area. Nowdays there's lots of this kind of news in newspaper, I guess not so hard to write bout it.

2nd essay, I choose the title "爱书的孩子不会变坏", translated means " kid that loves book wouldnt turn bad". I choose this title because myself is a best example to describe a person in the article. I'm living in a family that loves to read, so I guess I've advantages to write this article.

I finish the paper right on the moment the examiner ask us to put down the pen. How many words? No time count, dont bother bout it. It's a relief to finish a paper, because more to come soon!!

There's break between the 1st and 2nd paper. 10am to 1.30pm, 3 hours++ to spend. I ended up go "study" in a friend's house. To be honest, I go there to play his PS2, trying out games like NFS Underground 2 & Grand Turismo 4. A little disappointed with the performance, maybe is the problem of the game DVD or the game machine is aging?

Had lunch at the same old mamak stall(shop to be exact). Usual menu, Maggi goreng tambah ayam, yummy!!

2nd paper is much scarier than the 1st paper because this 40 questions paper is full of traps to trick students.

Chinese paper II
I laughed, when I saw the question for the chinese proverb.
I learnt this proverb back in F1 and F4, can consider as one of the easiest proverb of all I've learnt.

Overall, this paper is consider not so hard, a little easy, if compare to it's trial exam counterpart. If the marking scheme didnt state minus mark for any extra answers, then I think I can get at least 3B....

Back home, my mother pointed out some of my errors. In the essay I wrote见人见智, but it suppose to be 见仁见智.... oh well. 闪, the 2nd letter is sounded as shuo, not li, another mistake.
So far 2 mistakes, I guess doesnt affect too much on my end result then. :D

Next Monday, BM & History. I'll read something bout History soon.... Party starts....

P/S: Hope my friend Kian Meng get well soon from his throat infection. He smsed me, says that he's taking his exam in a VIP suite in hospital, how great is that!! Of course, being sick during major exam sucks, really....


  1. emm, last time i always tot dat chong hwa students r good in chinese....haha i think i was wrong. u r gud in eng instead.
    ya, de chinese paper is kinda easy bt de prob is.....hard to score an A.

  2. hey there, stumbled upon ur blog from random bloghoppin'
    yea, glad Chinese paper is over..I agree wif anon, it's hard to score an A1. Anyway, gud luck to u!!

  3. Hey there anon & helibely,

    I think Chinese is harder than the other 2 languages.

    Haha, sometimes I do think my Eng is better than Chinese..... Because I'm trying to improve Eng, neglected Chinese, oh well. At least, not so bad I guess. :P

    Still got other papers to go, wish you two good luck as well!! ;)