14 November 2006

Belated blog annisersary

I didnt notice this until I posted a comment in another friend's blog. Well, this blog is started since the 7th of November 2004.

Something's wrong with my 1st anniversary post I wrote last year. It's weird, I didnt touch anything with the settings, and it's gone. Nevermind bout that, last year Nov wasnt a good time for me. Let's forget about it.

So, I start blogging after Form3's PMR exam. Back then, my life is just the computer, the Internet. I still remember exactly how I involve in blogging.

It starts with Google. I searched for the keyword "Chong Hwa", my school. Stumble on a senior's blog, writing every single details of his life in the secondary school. Because I'm too bored, I browse through every single post in his blog, and learnt lots of things til now.

I think I've established myself as an pundit blogger, a more matured blogger than fellow peers. I've learnt alot through blogging, both in reality and the Net world. I kinda like the feeling of becoming popular in the reality and on the Net, thanks to my blog.

One of the important aspect in blog is the design and layout. I've changed once from the original Blogger template available. Info bout my ex and current template is available here.

I really, really learnt alot through blogging. Have to repeat this because I felt that my life will be totally different if I didnt start this blog. Perhaps, I've alrdy become another victim of gaming addiction? The Net is such a wonderful world you can do almost anything. I like to learn new stuff on the Net, and then apply it in my daily life. That's good for me.

Let it be a week late, but still this blog is now 2 years old. Heh, I wonder how long I can keep this blog up? Hopefully can keep it forever as long as the Net stays online. ;)

A song to celebrate, 风雨无阻 by 周华健.


  1. woi...Assume you talking about me..since when I become "a senior" and no name.. cry

  2. i do enjoy reading ur blog, this is a blog that i strongly feel.....it's worth reading!

    hope to see ur new post