13 November 2006

Pre Spm

Tomorrow our school's SPM starts, but I'm not going to school yet.

Tomorrow some friends from S1 will be taking Reka Cipta paper.

My paper will start on Wednesday, Chinese paper. I think the timetable is stupid you see... 1st paper start at 8am ends on 9.45am. But the 2nd paper starts on 2pm and ends on 4.15pm. Hey, we dont need sooooo long break ok? Duh!! I dunno what to do from 10am to 1.30pm.... revision? No mood....

The paper after Chinese, BM. When? 20th Nov, next Monday. Silly schedule, but I also have to revise History too, because it's "sandwiched" between BM and Eng paper. Hmm.... :\

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