27 November 2006

Shopping List

After SPM, I've almost 3.5 months long break. I've been thinking getting some new gears for myself after all these years. I dont think I'm a money spender type of person, because I only buy things when I need it and I seldom ask money from parents to buy those stuff I want.

So.... the list below will be a little too much for my own budget, probably need someone else' financial support. :P

My Shopping List

  • Maksim CD
  • Yanni DVD
    Got these 2 alrdy.
  • Germany 06 Away jersey.

    If I'm lucky, eldest sis might get it for me in China. :D

  • Football boot.

    Interested in those models, budget around RM100~RM200.

  • New handphone.
    Nokia 5300

    Budget: Around RM1000.

  • Ninteodo Wii.

    One of the coolest new game console out there. Cant wait to try out the Wii Music game series!
    Budget: RM1000~RM2000(not sure the price).
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