27 November 2006

Calculating Adsense

Checked my Google Adsense. Hmm.... few days to go before the end of Nov. I noticed that this month my revenue is a little disappointing. Previous months I manage to beg in roughly USD10 per month, but this month it's less than USD10, not many days to go.

So.... I need USD1 more to gain USD70 overall earnings from Adsense. Well I'm interested to know when I can get my 1st paycheck, so I estimate the time I needed to wait til I can get bank in the cheque:

Assume that next month(Dec) maximumly I can earn til USD78, and then next Jan I somehow can earn USD10 more, make it USD88(发发) overall. Feb, CNY period, hopefully can hook more money, and I estimate I can reach my first USD100 mark by end of Feb. Right, so Google will be processing and sending out the money to me sometime in March, and I'll receive it around late March - mid April.

Well then, now I've a problem. My NS is 2nd batch, which is mid March til mid June. I'm almost certain that I wont be able to touch the cheque if my parents help me bank in the money. What I worried the most is, will I be able to cash in the money I've earn? Because once the cheque is sent, Adsense will reset my earning counter back to zero, I've to earn the money all over again.

Hey hey, USD100 isnt a small figure in MYR, roughly RM364... after I've work so hard about 9 months. It'll be a big loss for me IF the money didnt go into my pocket. :(

Right now I'm trying to write some more things bout some serious business instead of my exam experience, hope to boost up my Nov's Adsense earning. This is also the reason why I wrote the Shopping List post previously, more keywords to attract money rolls into my direction. :)

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