26 November 2006

SPM 3 - Numb

English for Science & Technology, or whatever it is. This suppose to be an easy paper like everyone expected. For me, it's easy and hard, dunno which description I should label this subject. Last year many people didnt get A for this subject because:
1) it's hard.
2) standard rises due too many people do well in this paper.
For this year, I've no idea.

Friday just after the EST paper, headed to Carrefour buy Maksim's 4th album, Electrik. Great, saved money because the previous 3 albums cost RM40~45 each, this time I can get it for just RM28, consider a good bargain. Anyway, I do felt that the album is being 贱卖(dunno how to describe in Eng, maybe sell too cheap alrdy?)

4 albums:
2003-2006 albums
2003-2006 albums

Next week, the deadliest subjects to come, especially the first 2 days, having Add Math & Phyz papers on Tues & Wed.


  1. EST so hard also say easy paper like everyone expect..>?<

    so enjoy wor..^^ after exam still can go shopping..not bad.. i start admire you^^
    good luck ya^^

  2. 28?...WOW!
    Hehe..didn't expect to get such a good bargain, I got "Variations Pt1 & 2" for RM38 and I thought it was a pretty good deal already. Hey, how is Electrik? Good? I can't wait to grab it too. I've heard the Gypsy Maid that you've uploaded though, it's awesome!