08 October 2006

Pre-SPM Evaluation

I think it's important for me to make it clear with the subjects I'll took for SPM in 1 month time.
OK, I took 12 subjects for SPM, with an additional subject, Geography. Some people in the school are taking 1 or 2 extra subjects.

Evaluation for subjects.....

  • Bahasa Melayu
    Basically, I dont think I'll have much problem to deal with this paper. BM might be the weakest subject for me of all 3 languages, but I'm pretty sure I'll either get A or B, depends. :D

  • English
    My best subject I guess. It's an A for me if there's not much obstacle. :)

  • Chinese
    This paper's standard is higher than the previous 2 subjects, it's a tricky and demanding paper for students, the marking scheme is very strict, my trial result for Chinese didnt score very well because of this! I think I can get B for this, with luck maybe A, or something goes wrong maybe C.
    A, B, C, 1, 2, 3!

  • EST
    This paper might be easier than English itself, another A~

  • Modern Math
    It's an easy paper, if I didnt make any much mistakes. A isnt a problem. ;)

  • History
    Many people dislike this subject, saying it's boring or so. I find it kinda interesting to study, although some facts are false(Chinese & Indian pioneers are excluded in the book, replaced by Malay leaders). Hmm.... B? A? C? I dunno, either 3 of 'em.

  • Moral
    As you can see, this is the worst subject in my opinion. It is useless, this paper cant prove that you're a person with moral even with full marks. Sheez, 36 fixed moral values to memorise, really is a damned subject. Hmm.... no A for this subject, I'm quite sure.
    I repeat, this subject sucks!

  • Add Math
    I'm 50% about this paper, the gov's paper doesnt look easy than other subjects, they always ask questions in another method, but same concept. This paper is full of traps, any mistakes could lead to devastating result. If I'm lucky, maybe a B, or C..... sigh....

  • Chemistry
    My favourite subject of all 3 science subjects. Heh, I think I can get at least B for this, or A. :)

  • Biology
    Another favourite, many say this subject is hard, but I find it's interesting to study this. Hopefully can get at least a B.

  • Physics
    This time things are going off my way. I've problems to understand some of the concepts, and the keywords, which are important. Hmm..... C? :S

  • Geography
    Shouldnt be a problem to score A, except if the bitch's disturbing me. She's helping us to fail instead of getting a better result. What kind of freaky teacher is this? <_<

  • C6 ≤ ? ≤ A1
  • ? = probabilities for my result.
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