08 October 2006

Education System's Pandemonium

I just came across a truly "WTF" website, it's a site for students to hook for exam tips, mainly the 3 gov exams, UPSR, PMR and SPM.

Andrew Choo

Maybe some of you heard, or know who's this guy. Few moments ago I didnt know who the hell is this until I found the link via Googling.

His site promotes so call 100% accuracy tips for the exams. As what I can see they're boasting everything like any other scam sites you can find on the net.

One of the services they're providing is sending out the exam tips via express mail to students all over Malaysia, with an ammount of money which increases when the exam's getting closer. It used to charge RM40 for 6 subjects, but now increased to RM 80. Sheez, this makes it look more like a scam site, but unfortunately this guy is doing it like an online business.

I felt pity for those who felt into his trap of getting money in this easy way, how can you be so sure when you throw your money to an unknown to get few pieces of papers and you're still uncertain whether you can really trust on the tips given there? Now tell me, are you so sure you really see those questions in the REAL EXAM PAPER? I know Andrew Choo will definitely says it'll be 100% accurate, my ass!

Giving tips out like this is like playing a cheat in a fair game. All students across Malaysia studied for 11 years(6+5) to sit for this paper, and yet some people are going the easy way by relying on tips. I've learnt my lesson not to rely on tips 100%, but too bad not everyone knew the risk of believing the tips given. I'd like to see how those people react when they learnt that none of the tips are accurate!

On the other hand, the tips might be true, but I cannot accept it's 100% same as the questions in the real exam paper. There's strict regulations for officials to handle the exam papers. You see, the papers are private and confidential, unauthorized personnel is not allow to touch it.

I've heard from many teachers, let it be tuition or school teachers, that for anyone that would leak out the exam papers will be held and detain by the authorities with the crime of leaking top secret documents to the public. These stories sounds fake, but I think it's making sense.
After all, it's very immoral to spread out secrets, isnt it?

As a student, I'm concern about qualities of the education system in Malaysia. Exams, especially major exams are meant to be a method to evaluate a person's level, but things are going towards the wrong direction with some parties trying to exploit the system.
For everyone's sake, earn money with some other method will'ya?

I'm unsatisfied with the scam websites there. Whether you believe it or not, I've to warn you that dont fall into the trap.


  1. i strongly agree that this is one of a really big scam. after 11 years of being such a study-a-holic, what is the real benefit of the Tips? by all means, if the tips really accurate, everyone should quit school and follow the tips 100% since its really "100% accurate"

    interested on making this a bigger fuss/police report/newspaper forum?


  2. interested on making this a bigger fuss/police report/newspaper forum?

    Heh, sounds fun to me. :P
    I'd love to do so. :D

  3. call TV3! if they done with Swiss Cash, maybe we can bust this Andrew Choo scam?

  4. Yea I know this message will be ignored, but what the heck?