10 October 2006


Few weeks ago I had my English essay test, and now I got back the paper. Scored 78/85, not a bad result I guess. So here it is, my so-called masterpiece. :P
* This article might be very long, read it at your like, skip it if you cant take it.


Title: Peace

Ever since the rist of nations at the early 20th century, the world has faced many wars, from the earliest WWI, to the latest Iraq invasion. Through out the century, the world hardly had a long period of peaceful environment. There has been warmonger nations asking for troubles and tried to breach the peacefullness in this world.

Take a look at the world, there is some places where you can see continuous gunfight everyday. For example, in the Middle East, where the eternal rivalries between Palestine and Israel will never stop. The Sept 11 terror attack in New York triggered another wave of attacks by the Americans, to invade Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of "counter-terrorist". This action causes war weariness all over the world.

Everyday reading the newspaper, there must be reports of injuries and fatalities causes by the war. The war has wasted many precious lifes and money for an unclear objective. Many innocent people have been dragged into the war and ruin their whole live. It is wiser to spend all the lives and money to help a poor country or improve the world, rather than spending everything in the military budget for more firearms and ammunations.

Of course, there are many nations who appose the wars, and this is supported by the governing organisation of the world, the UN. For the past few decades, the UN has played the role as peacemaker between the conflict of nations, but recently the role as peacemaker is going downhill. Although the UN had stated strong objection for the war, but there is still some parties would have just ignored the UN's order. The UN are helpless, and so do the other peace-loving countries.

Many people hope and wish the war could come to an end, replacing the war with peace. But the fact is the world have to be prepared for the worst. Some said, the World War III could happen anytime and some said it is starting right now. There is no suprise if a nation is capable to deploy nuclear weapon in the war. It is a lethal weapon and the aftermath of the weapon is beyond imagination.
Another concern of the war is about the biological weapon, which can severely injured or kill any humanbeing across the path of the weapon. If these weapons really being used in the war, then it is impossible for the world to live in peace again.

Peacefulness is a very important aspect in every nation. When the world are in peace, nations help and support each other, everything is running smoothly. The people are happy because peace can bring on the economy and they can enjoy a better life. Peace is neither for an individual nor a nation, it is for the world, for mankind.

We humanbeings might consider ourselves living in modern age with the cutting edge technologies, but sometimes our behaviour and actions can be compared to the prehistoric barbarians, when it comes to war.
As a citizen of the world, what we all asked for is peace, please stop the war!


Yay!! Masterpiece done!! :D
Hmm.... I realized that my writings are somehow influenced by games.... Well after playing so many war games for years, I've lots to write about my point when it comes to peace and war. Heh.

If you've any comments about this article, please feel free to write about it, let it be critics or praises. :)


  1. Well done CLF, one of the impressive trial essay I read...


  2. a very well written! i just got 63/85. and 35 only for the 2nd question. sigh.

  3. i agree with jacky and ikanbilis. well written and impressive. it reflects on your stand in life as well as your maturity. good job

  4. you are an idealist in international relations.