08 October 2006

Mooncake Festival 中秋节


先解决了晚餐1,印度煎饼。时间还早,跑到CyberTime去看朋友打机,都玩着幼稚的Mapple Story.... 显!
(original post, but I really had problem to continue write in Chinese. :S)

* A late update from the Mooncake Festival party I went few days back, I'm too tired to write anything for these few days because of having insufficient rest.

On Wednesday night, I msg friends like crazy asking who's going to the Mooncakse Fest party on Thursday evening, luckily quite a number of them will be joining the party, so I do not feel alone over there.

Thursday after tuition, had a light dinner with KY, and then later join my other friends at KFC for 2nd round dinner. I've 2 KFC discount coupons, used 'em up!

The party starts at 7.30pm, but we reach there around 7.45pm. All the goodie bags are finish distributed, crowded. Some other friends join in with us. Because there's too many friends there, I cant list 'em out one by one.

I'm trying my luck to find some familiar faces there, let it be my currecnt or ex schoolmate. Well, I knew some of my old friends are there but didnt meet up with them because I dont have their phone number, and it's too crowded to find 1 or 2 person out of 1000+ people!

We do enjoy the show, eventhough we've to stand behind the seated crowd. Heh, at this situation, being taller than the rest is an advantage I guess. :P

I regretted that I didnt bring my camera to take any photos because I thought it would be too dark to take any photos, but the light conditions are fine to take photos. Sheez....

No photos, so I steal it from others to post it up here.

P/S: One of my friend, Frankie who are with us wrote something bout the party too.

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