25 October 2006

Hari Raya

Ystrdy is Hari Raya, the day for Muslims to celebrate, much like Chinese's New Year. I've been to my friend, Hilmi's house for a treat. I went to his house too last year.

This time Hilmi's house is crowded, lots of friends attend this Raya open house. They serve good food, and good entertainment too. I kept myself busy eating the nice food, playing nice game of Carrom & playing againts my friends with PS2.
Nice one, everyone really enjoy the good time over there. :D

Later in the evening, I followed my father to an annual dinner of his company at KLT restaurant Sri Petaling. Another great meal, lots of good food, from the "4 season platter" to the dessert, absolutely superb!

Things are going good for me, but the devil is getting closer and closer, it's just 3 weeks to go.... OMG!

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