25 October 2006

A little critics

Next week I'll be collecting the final few pieces of certificate I deserve to get after attending 11 years of Malaysia education. The cert I'll be getting is the cert of graduation, one in Malay & one in Chinese.(weird, they didnt include English cert, or maybe they combine it in the Malay cert?)

The requirement for the cert is relatively low, really. Both cert requires at least 5 credits, including minimum credit(grade 6C) for both Malay & Chinese subject in the Sept trial exam, and at least 3 credits for other subjects as well. There's no penalty if you failed any subject, so students dont usually bothered bout that even they fail subjects.

To me, I felt the requirements are too lenient, too easy for anyone to reach that level. But unfortunately, many around me are yet to achieve that level. I cannot understand, after 11 years of education, they barely can reach the minimum level of the requirement? Oh sure, maybe they've failed many subjects, but they shouldnt fail in those critical subjects like BM.

I felt pity for them, but at the same time I'm starting to look down after them. C'mon! How hard is it to achieve this minimum level? I can understand this if you've problems with your studies all the time, but I cannot understand some who've tried but still unable to meet the requirements.

There's some chose to give up before they even tried. Unfortunately for my class, there's some of the best students of all F5 and there's the worst of the entire F5. There are 2 slugs in my class who're too tired all the time, and ended up sleep in the class like that's their bed. These 2 eventually didnt manage to get any of the cert. Many teachers tried to help them, but they just disappoint everyone with their slacker style.

I dunno what should I comment on friends around me that failed to get the cert. It's very sad that 5 of my classmates cant get the cert, which is important after leaving school, as a proof that you've been graduated from school after 11 years of education. But then, maybe it's too demanding for some people?


  1. anyhow i personally feel m'sia edu sys sux!

  2. It is indeed that M'sia education system is bad. Do your part well and that is enough. Each and every person is different. It is likely you are looking down at them. (Not meant to be harmful but a little bit)

    Maybe it is easy for you to achieve good marks but not everyone could be like the others. What about the left-outs?

    How would you feel if someone brilliant genius tease you by saying certain subject is just piece of cake but somehow you fail that certain subject?

    Be humble. Although we are good but we must think of others' feelings, too.

  3. btw r u de author or an anonymous?