22 October 2006

The end for football boots

Just last week I mentioned my football boot's problem, now this time I've tear up another pair of my boot. Sigh....

Red boot worn out last week, blue boot is the latest casualty.

Both boots are torn up at the right boot, makes me feel irritating when playing the game, especially when I have to step into dirt water. I lost feel of the ball in the condition like that. Great, spoil football mood.

I still have another spare boot, but that's not for football, it is meant for street-walking. Now I dont have a proper boot to play football. :(

For now I'll probably stop playing football for 1 month or so, since I'm going to have my last exam soon. I'll probably get new boots by year end, or nxt year, depends on my budget. Maybe I wont get Adidas this time.... Puma & Umbro looks like a good alternative for it's quality and price.

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