28 September 2006

Exam update 8 + what's going on lately

To make it short, Bio & Chem arent that hard, but it's more than what I expected. The paper ministry set is always challenging, eventhough leaked questions. I've to admit that in this exam I've got some help from tips, it's an irresistable "drug".



So, that's the end of the trial exam. Burden's gone..... everyone's happy after the exam. This is the 2nd last time we're sitting exam in our school. We stil have about 1 month left to enjoy the life in school, before we're forced to leave the school after the final exam..... Well things doesnt sound so bad after all then. ;)

I got back 4 exam results by now. Scored 1A for both English and Modern Math paper, great! 4B for Chinese(unexpected, teacher said not many ppl can get more than 70). 5C for Moral(as you know, I hate this paper the most).
Right, dont bother about those marks then, I'll write the full list of my result when I get back everything in few weeks time.

Today collected few certificates in school. One for science experiments(PEKA) cert, one for computer typing speed competition, and another is a cert I should've recieve last year, the PMR cert.

Talk about the PMR cert, the teacher asked us to get back into the classes like how used to be in F3. Heh, it's like a mini gathering then, everyone's happy to be back in the old days, 2 years back. I've some great time being with those friends again after some of us are seperated due different class streams. Hah, I'm stil the class monitor from then til now, I'm happy to be serving them again. :D

I've recieved my parcel from US, containing "Yanni Live!" DVD & CD. Yay~!! I'm so happy when I open that parcel, because I expected to recieve it in Oct as what I said in previous post. Sheer pleasure, I'll write a review bout the performance soon, as requested by the poster.

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