18 September 2006

Exam Update 4

+Math 1, not easy and not as hard as I thought. I think I've lost about 13 pts from the paper, either I leave it blank or stuck in the middle while doing. A little numb bout this paper.

+Math 2, the killer paper of all. I was ruined by a faggot who park the car outside my classroom(less than 5m away from me). That guy did not switch off the car engine and the car's turbo exhaust sound is messing up my mind while I'm trying to figure out how to solve the questions.
Damn it, the car parked there for almost 1 hour, before the guy get a girl out, C Pei Yin from S4 and then drive away.
That driver must be a dickhead, petrol price increased crazily and yet he stil left the car like with everything on for 1 hour, great, you rich rascal, if I'm having problem with this paper, I'll blame it on you!! Faggot!!
But then I have to admit this paper is a tough one....

Tomorrow, EST paper, school teachers set this paper, not so hard, nothing to read at all. What I concern is History paper on Wednesday....

P/S: Lots of vulgars, 'eh? Hah, faggot, a quote from my old mate Daniel and also a character from GTA Vice City, Diaz who loves to refer idiots as dickhead. Sorry but today my mood were ruined by that brainless driver.

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