20 September 2006

Exam update 5

EST 1 & EST 2 , both papers are quite easy for me. I'm a little worried, we do not have the EST test based on the Ministry's paper, I wonder if it's different than the one I had? Stil, Mohd Sukri's questions are always either too crazy or too easy. Sheez.

History 1, lots of unfamiliar names in the questions. Since it's objective paper, I've 25% chances of getting the right answer. Not too worried about it.

History 2, leaked questions. The essay part arent that hard, but my result will depend on how the teacher mark the paper. I've faith with Mr Sulhan who'll mark my paper. But now I better dont bother about it. Let t be.

Tomorrow & the day after tomorrow, there'll be 3 Physic papers waiting me to complete it. Among 3 science subjects, my Phyz is the worst of all three. I cant understand why I cant "absorb" the theories and experiments like I did in Chem and Bio.

Stil, 1 more week to go before the trial exam ends.

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