16 September 2006

Exam update 3 + Feel Good

English 1, 1st essay is a speech which I dont think I write it very well. 2nd essay, the title is "Peace". Ahah, I've so many things to write in this topic, wrote a 500+ words essay, maybe can consider as one of the best essays I've written so far. Hopefully I can get higher marks for this paper. I might post up the essay here when I get back the paper. :D

English 2, I think this is more difficult as the previous 2 language subject's papers. I guess Val's right after all, English paper can be difficult sometimes. Well I think it should've be a problem for me to score A for English. Yay, beg in another A!! :D

Next Monday, Additional Math, a deadly subject I need to study. Next week have to struggle, because there's exam from Monday til Saturday(stupid replacement class)


Another fine day for me, after the stressful exam, of course it's time to release the pressure built up during the exam. The solution? Football, of course! It's nice to have the feeling kicking the ball with so much power.
This time I play as goalkeeper, manage to save few nice shots and earned a clean sheet(didnt conceade any goal). Yeah!!

Later walk to Chin Wei's house to collect GTA: Vice City game, but I ended up playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted on his laptop. I'm impress with the overall graphic and gameplay, but too bad my computer couldnt support the game(eat up large HDD size & high end hardwares).

I played this car in the game, a Mercedes Benz SL 500, high-end luxury roadster.
I'm in love with this car, lol.

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