14 September 2006

Exam update 2

BM 1, the essays arent hard, manage to meet all the requirements for the question. First title, the benefits of communication technology. Second title, I chose Malaysia's role in the aid of natural disasters.
Overall, satisfied with the paper, aiming to get more than 100 out of 130 marks. :D

BM 2, one of the most headache paper in the whole exam. Well, I consider it's not as tough as I thought, but the papers from the Ministry are always tricky. Manage to finish all the questions few minutes before the time's up.
Verdict, either B or A for BM, hah!

Math 1, laughing all the way til the end. Manage to finish the whole paper within 40 mins, with lots of time to let me check any mistakes. Thankfully, corrected few errors and silly mistakes. Aiming for more than 38 out of 40.

Math 2, another easy paper. Before the exam I was afraid the questions, but it turn out to be familiar questions. I rarely did exercise for this Math subject but I stil can do almost every questions, except some. Not so bad, maybe I can get more than 85 out of 100? If it's possible, then getting an A for Math is not a dream anymore....

Coming up next, English paper. I've to study the literature part, "Death in the opposite house", "The Necklace" and the characters from "The Pearl". That's all I know for tomorrow's paper. Should've be no problem. :D

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